The Never-Ending Infographic

#Info #Graphic #Infographic #Vaccines #DoNotWork The people at put this seemingly never-ending infographic together. Vaccines Don’t Work Infographic Page 1 For those who refuse to examine vaccine science with the due diligence that children deserve… here’s a not so little infographic that might help you to understand the complexity and depth of the problem that … Continue reading The Never-Ending Infographic

‎The Eloi and The Morlocks‬

#‎TheEloiAndTheMorlocks‬ After seeing the way in which students at UC Berkeley apathetically observed the blatant censorship at Paul Offit’s appearance on campus yesterday, I believe we have begun to see the plans and predictions of the past generation’s elitist, atheist, technocratic, social-engineers come to fruition. When I consider how hopelessly manipulated, docile, poisoned, and passive, … Continue reading ‎The Eloi and The Morlocks‬

Do you, “love your GMOs”?

‪#‎GMOs‬ ‪#‎Glyphosate‬ ‪#‎RoundUp‬ ‪#‎Ready‬ #Genetically #Modified #Organisms Do you, “love your GMOs” and “conventional” foods? Do you think the crunchy “sanctamommies” are insisting that their children are fed pesticide/herbicide free nutrient rich organic food because they’re ignorant and they, “can’t science good”? Do you believe this because it’s comfortable, convenient, affordable, and you read it in … Continue reading Do you, “love your GMOs”?