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Soylent Vaccines Are People!

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I had a ‘soylent green is people‘ moment when I realized that the whole society is absolutely comfortable with chopping up fetuses, cloning them, and pumping them into the arms and legs of ourselves and our newborn babies in order to ‘stay healthy’.
Aborted Fetal Cell Lines Vaccines

Read Theresa Deisher’s Paper

 Fascist vaccine zealots looking to enact laws requiring vaccination for participation in society are perpetually invoking the ‘car seat’ analogy in order to diminish and trivialize the significant ethical concerns of vaccine derivation methods. Well let’s run with that.

Imagine the manufacturer of a car seat made of cloned slaughtered fetuses purporting that skinned and tanned baby hide is tougher than leather and softer than polyester! Plus they keep you extra safe because they know what it’s like to suffer a violent death. Who knowingly buys that product, forces others to use it, or sits back while it’s forced on their friends and family?

I reject that twisted utilitarian disregard for human life. Nothing good can come from it. So it’s no surprise to me that among the suppressed scientific literature is a large body of very legitimate research demonstrating correlation as well as biological plausibility and evidence of unethically derived vaccine components causing harmful human health effects.

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