Do you, “love your GMOs”?

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Do you, “love your GMOs” and “conventional” foods? Do you think the crunchy “sanctamommies” are insisting that their children are fed pesticide/herbicide free nutrient rich organic food because they’re ignorant and they, “can’t science good”? Do you believe this because it’s comfortable, convenient, affordable, and you read it in a heavily biased blog likely sponsored by the chemical/agricultural industry?


May I introduce you to the “outlandish”, “fringe”, and “nutter” idea that laboratory synthesized chemical compounds which are efficiently designed to kill plants when applied topically to their surfaces may produce poor health outcomes when ingested in every meal of the day for a period of decades in American staple crops, even in trace amounts? This idea is not only postulated by Dr. Stephanie Seneff. However, her work is a great place to start and a bunch of her papers may be found here:

Explore Dr. Stephanie Seneff’s Research at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Glyphosate Corn and SoyRoundUp is the trade name of the ubiquitous GMO-paired herbicide produced by Monsanto. Pairing ‘RoundUp Ready’ GMO crops (engineered to include gene sequences which are resistant to the toxic agricultural chemical) with copious applications of RoundUp has resulted in a significant increase in our exposure to its active ingredient, glyphosate. Nearly 100% of our corn, soy, and wheat staple crops in the United States are genetically modified to be resistant to glyphosate. This practice is thought to be potentially the most health damaging of present industrial agricultural practices due to the increased application, residual contamination, consumption, and exposure on the population level.

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