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The Never-Ending Infographic

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The people at LivingWhole.org put this seemingly never-ending infographic together.

Vaccines Don’t Work Infographic
InfoGraphicPreviewPage 1

For those who refuse to examine vaccine science with the due diligence that children deserve… here’s a not so little infographic that might help you to understand the complexity and depth of the problem that you are ignoring.

If you’re interested in the full body of research after examining this, I can hook you up. Just let me know. Truth is there, but you have to prioritize truth and health over social and societal acceptance. If you want to know what many of us already know, you also have to read thousands of pages of science that is locked up behind pay walls thousand of dollars high. So, if you can’t afford it, I can help you. However, if you won’t invest the time in it, you don’t get to threaten me with the ignorant nonsense that you gleaned from an episode of Jimmy Kimmel or Penn and Teller.

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Vaccines Don’t Work Infographic – Continued