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‪‎Good Luck with your GMOs‬ ‪& Vaccines‬

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Health choices are generally based on two primary areas of understanding:

1) Observational-Scientific
2) Historical-Contextual

Informed individuals are rightfully distrustful of corporations like Merck and Monsanto and governmental agencies like the FDA and CDC. We’ve seen repeated and irrefutable evidence of blatant complicity and corruption at the highest administrative levels of each.

Observational-ScientificObservational-Scientific exploration of published academic literature verifies that the potentially harmful human health effects of our most ubiquitous consumables and injectables are given very little consideration and there appears to be an uncomfortable absence of controlled longitudinal safety studies.

Historical-ContextualHistorical-Contextual understanding of these agencies and corporate entities reveals them to be perpetual agents of profiteering and misguided utilitarianism, and in some cases, eugenics. It confirms the financial ease and methodical craftiness with which multi-national and global corporations assert influence over states, nations and continents.

Much of the literature declaring health and food products to be ‘safe’ and/or ‘effective’ is written by researchers working in programs which receive the most charitable contributions from the corporate coffers of the products’ producers. Conventional pharmaceutical and agricultural products contain elements which have a well documented biological plausibility and demonstrated history of adverse health outcomes upon concentrated and direct exposure.

The observable deterioration of the general health of the society and knowledge gained through personal experiment, witness, and testimony all point to the disturbing possibility that we have introduced a myriad of harmful environmental toxins into our bodies which are impeding our health. I would like to hear the public health community comment more frequently on the explosion of autoimmune disease, attention deficit disorder, severe food allergies and ‘autism-like’ features of neurological impairment, instead of seeking to normalize these increasingly pervasive maladies.

The destruction of human health brought on by the use of inadequately tested biologics and agricultural chemicals is a very real and likely possibility. A thorough examination of volumes of published scientific research literature and hundreds of hours of expert testimony raises considerable questions as to the safety of present practices.

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