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Aborted Human Fetal Cells in Your Food, Vaccines & Cosmetics

California’s vaccine mandate, SB277, effectively says, “Take the fetus in your body or no education for you!” In fact, if you don’t put these fetus giblets in your children the state may even investigate and snatch your kids because clearly only a negligent ‘religious extremist’ would gladly choose chickenpox over participating in this disgusting practice.

California has mandated desecration and a bunch of twisted, ignorant, cowardly, and complacent fools have given their consent and are allowing it to continue. Shame on all those who have kept silent. Will those responsible for this deception escape the wrath of God?

People are violently angry at “anti-vaxxers” because we won’t get with the program and endorse this filthy satanic practice. So be it. To coerce and force this on people and punish and harass them for having ethical, philosophical, religious, and medical objections is so violent and dangerous.

You don’t want to repeatedly inject your children with cloned bits of others’ slaughtered babies? Fine. Your kids can’t be educated in our indoctrination centers.

That’s ugly but it’s not the whole truth because they’ve also taken away private school. So, if you choose to pass on the fancy fetus fest, your child is restricted to home school only. That’s where we live now… in Cali-fascist-fornia!

Thoughtless Mercenaries & Useful Idiots

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So, I’ve been following this for a while now. This article, The Vaccination Double Standard, is exactly the type of fascist rhetoric that triggers me. Reading this underscores the ignorance and negligence of my family and friends who refuse to seriously examine and question the safety of vaccines and who are allowing mandates to proceed.

The vaccine zealots know they can’t allow our exceptionally healthy unvaccinated kids to exist any longer. The pressure is mounting to finally perform controlled studies of vaccinated versus unvaccinated and to clean house at the CDC. So they’re trying to astroturf support to Semmelweis us. If this sort of dangerous rhetoric becomes action, it will certainly end in bloodshed and tragedy.

So if any ‘pro vaxxers’ are listening, ask yourself, “which vaccines are so critical and so safe that they should be made mandatory?” Have you thought it through that far? Can you even name half of the bloated ‘recommended’ list? Do you get your experimental flu shot every year? The propagandists don’t ever provide specifics in this area. They simply appeal to a ‘general consensus’ and an exhaustive body of ‘settled science’. Is this because they’ve examined the scientific literature and polled the scientists? No, it’s because they are thoughtless mercenaries and useful idiots promoting the agenda of a very powerful industry in a tragically broken paradigm.