‎The Eloi and The Morlocks‬


After seeing the way in which students at UC Berkeley apathetically observed the blatant censorship at Paul Offit’s appearance on campus yesterday, I believe we have begun to see the plans and predictions of the past generation’s elitist, atheist, technocratic, social-engineers come to fruition.

When I consider how hopelessly manipulated, docile, poisoned, and passive, those young people (only a decade behind me) have already become, I imagine a terribly enslaved world for the children of my own child’s generation, who are being subjected to an even greater burden of forced injections and liberty despising statist indoctrination.Morlocks - Bertrand Russell Quote 3 Morlocks - Bertrand Russell Quote 1 Morlocks - Bertrand Russell Quote 2 Morlocks - Aldous Huxley Quote

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